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Kinematics Calculator App - The ability to calculate complete movements (linear motion) easily and quickly.

Kinematics Calculator for complete movements of elevators, cars, trains,... (linear movement) or carousel, drilling
machine, ... (rotary movement) that solves you the
SUVAT equation you need. 

With the Step-by-Step Instruction you can find your
SUVAT equation easy.

Calculation with freely selectable and combinable units
(SI units, CGS system, Imperial and US customary
measurement system)

A great support for physics class, physics lecture or even in the technical workday. Calculator for whole kinematic movements, physics simple and fast.

kinematics calculator app, SUVAT App
Kinematics Calculator for calculate movements like elevator
Calculate complete linear movements with 3 parameters

Automatic calculation of complete movements with constant acceleration, speed and deceleration with only 3 parameters.

For all calculation types (time, velocity, distance and acceleration).

Units for speed, acceleration, time and distance are selectable and combinable.

calculation app of acceleration, constant speed and deceleration SUVAT
kinematik Rechner für translatorische Bewegung oder rotatorische Bewegung

Step-by-Step Instruction

motion type

translation motion or rotational motion

calculation type

time, distance, velocity or acceleration

type of movement

acceleration, deceleration, speed or total pathway

Select units and
insert values

all type of units are combinable 

kinematics Calculator with step by step instruction kinematics calculator suvat
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