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"PF-Merit", such as "Kinematics Calculator SUVAT", is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. 

We believe your personal information is yours and yours alone. In general, we do not store or transmit your personal details! The only exception to the use of personal details is our support form. We use your contact information as a way to contact you back and respond to your message. 

What Information Do We Collect? 

"Kinematics Calculator SUVAT" app, generally do not collect personal information or share personal information. 

Anonymous usage stats: 

"Kinematics Calculator SUVAT"  on iOS captures anonymous daily usage stats but this information has no identifying details. 

Support form contact information: 

When you use our contact form, we request your name and email along with your message. 

What Do We Do With The Information? 

Anonymous usage stats: 

The usage stats information is used occasionally to understand how our users utilize Digits, from which countries they use Digits and if there are any issues that they encounter when using Digits. We do this in order to improve Digits functionality by better understanding Digits sales patterns, language regions, where in our code bugs occur and which features are popular. 

Anonymous device identifier: 

The anonymous device identifier used for notifications is only used for sending notifications at your request. 

Support form contact information: 

We collect name and email so that we can reply to your message. On rare occasions (maybe once or twice a year) we may use this information in order to let you know about important updates via email. 

How Can You Delete The Information? 

Anonymous usage stats: 

Because usage stats are anonymous and are aggregated into a pool with other usage stats (we only see results as a group, not as individuals), we have no way to identify or delete your usage stats. 

Anonymous device identifier: 

To have us delete your anonymous device identifier Because device identifying information is anonymous, we must rely on Apple to provide the device identifier to be removed (we have no way to know which identifier belongs to you). You can initiate this by disabling notifications on your device. 

Support form contact information: 

Support form name/email can be deleted upon request. If you wish to have this information deleted, please write to us at from the email address you wish to have removed. 


Contact Us If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch:

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